100 Years War

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In 1328 an English and French man wanted the throne of France when the previous king died. The French man won. The English man wasn't pleased, so he invaded France.The invasion led to the 100 Years War. During most of the war England did well. But Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl, rallied the French troops.The Burgundian captured her and sold her to the English. The English killed her, but the French drove them out in 1453. The war cause changes in government. In England, the power of parliament grew. In France, however, the king's power grew.  

The Black Death

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The Black Death was caused by several forms of the plague. The Black Death killed in Europe from 1347 to 1351. The plague started in Asia and was spread to Europe by traders who unwillingly brought infected rats with them. One form was known as the Bubonic plague. This form was identified by buboes that formed on the body. One form that was deadly enough to spread through the air and kill within a day. The outbreak was so deadly people buried without ceremony. After the plague ended, one third of the population died.